Jerry has advised and mentored business organizations for more than three decades—including those in the Internet, Telecom, Enterprise, Consumer Software, Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Electrical Utilities sectors.

Internet and Telecom: Adaptive Insights (Business Intelligence SaaS), (Small business Internet portal), Televoke (Mobile internet/GPS interface), Skyflow (Wireless Web Access), Feeva Wireless (Internet anonymous personalization), Xmobb (Internet virtual reality).

Instrumentation, Optics and MEMS: ElectrScan (Non-contact electrical measurement), IrisAO (Adaptive Optics), Nanomix (Nano-devices).

B2B, Enterprise, SaaS and Consumer Software: Autodesk (CAD), Fair Isaac Companies (Financial Services Decision Support – The FICO Score), Brøderbund (Education, and Productivity – Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego), Jupiter Systems (Multi-Panel Display Controllers), LeapFrog (Children’s Electronic Learning Aids – The Leap Pad NYSE:LF), Maxis (The Sims), Niantic Labs (PokemonGO)

Health Care/Life Sciences: Gene Labs, Inc. (Therapeutics using Recombinant Techniques), Simborg Systems (Network Resident Integrated Hospital Management Information System), Salutar (Monoclonal Reagents for MRI Enhancement), American Shared Hospital Services (Shared Services Mobile MRI/CT), California Emergency Physicians, MedAmerica (MSO) and MedAmerica OnCall (Telephone Triage, After Hours Care and Call Center Operations), CardioProfile (Cardiovascular disease diagnostic device).

Electrical Utilities: Southern California Edison, Edison International, GPU, Potomac Electric, Philadelphia Electric, Virginia Electric, PJM Interconnection

Other Significant Industry Experience: Retailing, Electronics, Computers and Computer Peripherals, Telecommunications, Consumer Products, Construction, Building Products and Food Processing.